What is Weight Loss Soup with Bone Broth?

What is Weight Loss Soup with Bone Broth?

Weight loss soup combines the benefits of bone broth with low carb/low calorie vegetables that gives you a flavorful, nutritious soup that keeps you full for hours!

Here are the tremendous benefits of weight loss soup with bone broth:

1. Bone broth is highly nutritious & has become popular among health-conscious individuals

  • animal bones are rich in minerals & natural compounds, such as: glucosamine & chondrointin for joint health; collagen for skin, hair, & nails; amino acids, & essential fatty acids

2. Benefits the digestive system

  • aids in digestion of food
  • protects & heals lining of the digestive tract

3. Aids in fighting inflammation

  • amino acids in bone broth have been found to decrease inflammation

4. Aids in joint health

  • Collagen, gelatin, glucosamine, & chondrointin support joint health

5. Weight loss

  • Bone broth & beans are high in protein helping you to stay full longer
  • Low carb/low calorie vegetables are high in fiber to satisfy hunger longer
  • Increased feeling of fullness & satisfaction=decreased snacking & cravings
  • This soup is naturally low in calories

Recommendations: 1-2 cups per day for maximum health benefits

Weight loss soup with bone broth available in our Clean Eating menu at www.bigcatsbowls.com


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