About Us

Owners, Jason Coulter (Big Cat) and Emily Schaeffer are dedicated to meeting the needs of customers who want to eat healthy but have little time to shop and prepare food on their own. With years of experience preparing our own and family's gluten-free healthy meals, the owners have experienced the frustration of trying to feed a whole family healthy food both cheaply and quickly. Big Cat's Bowls is a health-focused meal service that allows customers to order fresh lunches and ready-to-eat meals. 


Carryout or delivery 
51 N 2nd Ave in Canton, IL 

Ready-to-Eat Meal Prep Service 

Order from Tuesday to Sunday
Choose Pickup or Delivery
Pickup/Delivery Monday 5-6:30pm
51 N 2nd Ave Canton, IL

Meals are Fully-Prepared & require No Assembly. Prepared Fresh-Never Frozen

Packaged in recyclable, disposable containers for easy clean-up

Rotating menu provides new options each week!

*No minimum or limit

*Individual & Family-size available